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"Crooner" is a name given to a male singer who specialises in a certain soft, even intimate way of interpreting mostly romantic songs and ballads. The term was coined in the 1920s, when with the invention of the microphone and the possibility of amplifying music through electronic means, the singers were no longer forced to voice over the orchestra. One of the first stars of crooning, or ballad singing, which reached its first peak in 1940s USA, was Bing Crosby, followed by luminaries such as Perry Como and Nat King Cole, or Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Vocalists like Gene Pitney, Paul Anka, Elvis Presley and Sam Cooke were excellent crooners, and amongst the most famous modern crooners are Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Bublι.

You may hardly be able to weigh his voice in gold, but his career has been plastered with plenty of that precious metal. For more than a decade now, Helmut Lotti has been enchanting an international audience with his golden throat. An audience that loves every single one of his fascinating musical escapades. The career of the Belgian super star started in the 90s, when he recorded his legendary classic series. In the years to follow, he used his enormous vocal possibilities to travel the world of music, paying tribute to entire continents, eras and also to his all time idol Elvis Presley with outstanding recordings such as “Out Of Africa” (1999), “Latino Classics”  (2000), “Latino Love Songs” (2001), “My Tribute To The King” (2002), “Pop Classics In Symphony” (2003) and, most recently, “From Russia With Love”  (2004). With “The Crooners”, Lotti now dedicates himself body and soul to that artistic genre which he masters as well as hardly any other contemporary interpreter: the romantic song. This is Helmut Lotti at his best, a born crooner.

The double album “The Crooners”, which is an opus magnum even by its format, is an exceptional novelty because here Helmut Lotti not only shows off his magnificent vocal talents but also excels as a sensitive composer and author. Collected under the title “My Way”, he has composed twelve romantic ballads that might as well have been written during the heyday of crooning. From the first uncertain steps (“I Don’t Know How To Love You”) to a nostalgic memory (“How Could I Ever Forget You”), this full-blooded romantic pulls out all the stops for describing a romantic affair. Sumptuous songs, each one beautifully brought to life by Lotti’s well-established Golden Symphonic Orchestra – irresistible. The artistic counter piece to the twelve original compositions comes in the form of “The American Way”, which also contains twelve songs. On this second album, Helmut Lotti interprets the world famous classics from the great era of crooning: “Caterina” by Perry Como, “Just A Gigolo” by Bing Crosby, “Mona Lisa” by Nat King Cole, and “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin. Every song absolutely gigantic.

Both “My Way” and “The American way” contain one duet. Lotti sings his original composition “There’s A Sparkle In Your Eyes” with Hayley Westenra and “True Love”, which became famous with Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly, is sung together with Isabelle Adam.

“The Crooners” is not only Helmut Lotti’s monument to an artistic genre, it is also another milestone of timeless romantic music to add to his discography. His fans will once more be overjoyed.

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